About Us/Leadership

About Us
The mission at the Clayton Center for the Arts is to play a vital role in enhancing the quality of life of our
citizens, bolstering cultural and economic vitality, strengthening tourism, and expanding arts education
opportunities for artists of all ages. We are a gathering place for arts and culture in Blount County, the home of
Maryville College’s Division of Fine Arts, the professional stage for local schools performing
arts programs, and for youth arts groups.

Christy McDonald Slavick, Interim Executive Director
Email: Christy.slavick@maryvillecollege.edu
Phone: 865.981.8402

Melissa Murphy, Business Manager
Email: melissa.murphy@maryvillecollege.edu
Phone: 865.981.8589

Allison Parton, Artist Hospitality and Guest Experience Manager
Email: Allison.parton@maryvillecollege.edu
Phone: 865.981.8189

Mandy Hyde, Box Office Manager
Email: Mandy.hyde@maryvillecollege.edu
Phone: 865.981.8590

Rose Sampley, Technical Director
Email: rose.sampley@maryvillecollege.edu
Phone: 865.981.8580

Sara Oldford, Assistant Technical Director
Email: sara.oldford@maryvillecollege.edu
Phone: 865.981.8583

Dagen Pointer, Assistant Technical Director
Email: Dagen.pointer@maryvillecollege.edu
Phone: 865.981.8353

Christina Scott Sayer, Artistic Programming Manager
Email: Christina.Sayer@maryvillecollege.edu

Kevin Grigsby, Fine Arts Theatre, Technical Director
Email: Kevin.Grigsby@maryvillecolllege.edu

House Managers
Bailee Burleson
Nicci Grigsby
Carmela Lewis
Jenni Cate Rhodes

Lou Coco, Director of Facilities
Tekila Bradley, Custodial Services Manager

Student Staff
Chappel Shortt
Elizabeth Gaines
Ian Bailey
Andrew Hastings
Anthony Fraser
Gianna Mantegna
Finch Peddicord
Katie Parnell
Meridith Wynn
Chris Vazquez
Dante Roddy
Miranda Parkhill
Raven Schultz

Volunteer Ushers
Adele Richardson 
Art Hafner 
Gail Hafner 
Bailey Earith
Barb DeLisio 
Betty Jo Fowler
Bill Sabine 
Bonnie Moore 
Carolyn Forster 
Charlie Harris 
Cindy Corona      
David Bonewitz  
Ed Chisholm 
Elaine Russell 
Flo Shirley 
Geneva Harrison 
Harold Blevins 
Janice Grigsby     
Jean Beck 
John Beck 
Jeanine Hewitt 
Jennifer Orillion  
Karen Kirkman 
Kathleen Arendt 
Kathy McGee 
Kathy Dorner 
Kay Taylor 
Linda Rutherford 
Lois Esmark 
Margie  Davis      
Marietta Mason 
Mark Mason 
Mary Beth Bonneville 
Mindy Bonewitz 
Nancy Zambell   
Perry McClellan 
Riley Gaston 
Sabre Therese    
Sharon Reggio 
Jim Reggio           
Tim Richardson 
Tim Bridgman     
Tommy Rutherford 

Clayton Center for the Arts

Designated Representatives
Greg McClain, City Manager, City of Maryville
Bruce Applegate, City Manager, City of Alcoa
Dr. Matt Murray, Chair of the Industrial Development Board
Dr. Bryan Coker, President, Maryville College
The Advisory Board shall be created and serve during times authorized by the Designated Representatives.

Advisory Board
The purposes and duties of the Advisory Board shall be to:
a. Provide advice to Maryville College in support of the Clayton Center for the Arts operation.
b. Establish and periodically review policies regarding the Clayton Center for the Arts priority scheduling
by persons/groups requesting the use of the Center.
c. Participate in the Clayton Center for the Arts community relationship, support, and programming.
d. Assist in the development of long-range and short-range goals
e. Assist in fundraising efforts
f. Assist in implementation of strategic marketing strategies

Amy Morton Vaughn
Board Chair
Appalachian Ballet Company 

Jane Groff
City of Maryville 

Toi Brown
Broadway Social

Bruce Damrow
City of Alcoa

Liz Britt
Webb School of Knoxville

Dallas Monroe
West Chevrolet

Stacey Wilner
Maryville College